Our Objectives

  1. Institutional development and linkage with livelihood activities for poor population,
  2. To Organized the Dalit Especially Tribal community. Aware their rights and entitlements, and of taking up sustained collective actions/struggles to realize their rights and entitlements.
  3. To develop sustainable Livelihoods Resources.
  4. To Form the Women, Dalit, And Tribal community Institutions.
  5. Advocacy with the Govt for the community welfare scheme.
  6. Policy Advocacy    



Our Focus Areas

  1. Organizing people through Institution building program SHG, Farmers club, Common interest group
  2. Basic need Fulfillment (Water, Energy, Habitat)
  3. Hygiene & Sanitation
  4. Empowerment of community through information, education, communication
  5. Promotion and protection of natural resources and disaster management
  6. Children and Women     empowerment.
  7.  Gender equity
  8.  Child Education including Health and nutrition issues.
  9. Livelihood and food security,
  10. Creating sustainable livelihood through Sustainable Agriculture.